Luc Rey


Experimental sound, somewhere between House and EDM, that’s what LUC REY stands for. You may never know where the musical journey is going to when he drops his set in front of the crowd. He also produces and plays his own tracks which you can listen to below. In this way he gives his performance a personal and an unique touch. Guest appearances in renowned clubs like F-Club (Slovenia), Paradiese (Mallorca Spain) or Holi Color Festival (Günzburg Germany) point up his distinctive musical flair.

The Club Monkeys


In the Beginnig of 2012 the two young DJs Lucas S. and Nico C. started a project called “TheClubMonkeys”. Before they already made experiences in their Solo DJ Carreer. This project, was mainly made for music and remix production.
As DJ Duo “TheClubMonkeys” they won several Remix Contests and played on festivals in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Croatia. In June 2015 they released their first EDM single “Indicator” on “Boojum Music”.


A1 klein

Assuc is a Spanish artist focused on avant-garde electronic music and underground dance more.His influences range from synthetic House to Dark Techno.
But it also reveals his more progressive side and arpeggiated melodic and futuristic cuts sometimes.

Kern & Meier


Kern & Meier was formed of the two german music producers Markus Kern and Charly Meier (Schillerschule) in 2012. They are from the South of Germany at the border to Switzerland. The two members also founded the EDM Label “Boojum Music” in 2014. They are working on several productions in Trance, House, Techno, Minimal and other EDM Genres.

Qual & Freude

Claas 600x600

Qual & Freude is a young producer from germany who started producing in 2012. He was born in west germany (NRW). For 2 years he is focused on minimal techno and other similar music styles. His first release was „Past and Future“ which was released in spring 2014 on the label Boojum Music.

Markus Kern


Markus Kern was born in the South of Germany in 1992. His musical career began
at the age of 8 with playing the trombone. A few years later he learned to play the drums
as his second instrument. During school he was a member of several musical formations.
Music also was his favorite subject and became more and more his passion.
He discovered his interest in electronic music at the age of 12, when he started to create first tunes with a DAW. Since 2012 he performs his tracks as a DJ. But he mainly concentrates on producing music. His tracks vary in the field of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), mainly in the genres Electro House and Trance.



„Schillerschule“ aka „Charly M. “ is a german producer and DJ, currently works near Bale (Switzerland) on several productions. His tracks are known for Deep Minimal House, Techhouse,
Minimal Techno and some great Chill Out and Ambient sounds. In the 90s he played in a lot of popular Clubs in Munich, Vienna (Austria), Dortmund, Bochum, Recklinghausen, Landshut, Passau, Salzburg (Austria), Ulm, Augsburg, Bale (Switzerland), Nuremberg and many more……
With his sets he supported DJs as for example Oliver Lieb, DJ Taucher, Uwe Wagenknecht (Yakooza), Tillmann Uhrmacher (RIP), Hypetraxx, Voodoo & Serano, Tom Novy, Miss Thunderpussy, DJ Hell etc.

Nadine Zureikat


Awesome Singer / Songwriter from Jordan.
Check her Facebook or Homepage for more information!